Emailing Marketing

...nothing provides faster results

  • Consulting
  • HTML creation
  • Target contact rental
  • Routing and monitoring

Lead Generation have a product, we have the buyers

  • Multi-channel online/offline lead generation
  • Multi-level lead qualification
  • Performance based plans


...multiply the right places you can be

  • Content referral
  • Blogging
  • Forum

Traffic Increase

...move your company on the 5th avenue

  • Search engine marketing and optimisation
  • Advertising on search engine
  • Promotion in E-commerce portals
  • Creation and animation on affiliation networks

Maximization of conversion

...every visitor deserves his proper answer

  • Visitor acquisition segmentation
  • Segment based landing
  • Testing programs
  • Usability studies

Performance Analysis

...results are not a concept

  • Web measurement
  • Web analytics
  • Search engine ranking
  • Competitor analysis

Web Developments

...first of all your shop window

  • Web site development
  • Web site engineering
  • E-commerce portal management

Funnelink assists companies to grow their business via dedicated approaches.
We advocate marketing by performance practice enforced through
precise objectives, clear actions and measurable results.

We operate in English, Russian, French, Italian, Spanish, Romanian and German, we assist your National and International development.

Your needs

Are you looking to grow your business by

  • * Generating new leads
  • * Improving customer acquisitions
  • * Increasing brand/products awareness
  • * Testing campaign effectiveness

Our expertise

Utilising Funnelink expertise we will

  • * Increase website traffic
  • * Improve website conversion
  • * Measure website performance
  • * Position on search engines
  • * Advertise on web
  • * Manage sales on E-commerce portals
  • * Animate blogs, forums, affiliation programs

Our ways

Our dedicated marketing director will

  • * Assist you in defining business goals
  • * Propose a marketing by performance plan
  • * Deliver measurable results
  • * Coordinate a dedicated webmarketing team
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